July Prayer Points – Carriers of Hope

July 2017


Sue Sampson informed us about the history and range of the Carriers of Hope charity, working with destitute asylum-seekers and refugees to provide practical necessities and friendly support.


Prayer points:


  • Praise God for all volunteers and helpers, and also for the timely gift by a businessman of a large warehouse and financial support to pay bills
  • For the wherewithal to provide school uniforms for children for the next school year
  • For the planned seaside day trip for volunteers (including former refugees now working for the charity)
  • For positive outcomes for those seeking leave to stay: Godfrey, JU, Regina. Aida, Sibo, Lilian and Laurent
  • For someone able, qualified and dynamic to take over from Sue as overall manager and for a source of permanent funding to finance this
  • For more “Donors of the Week” to boost finances
  • For fit and able-bodied volunteers to e.g. move furniture



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