Faith & Peace Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Faith and Peace’ will be in the Chapel of Unity,  Coventry Cathedral from the 28th October – until early afternoon on the 17th  November.

This exhibition looks at how the three Abrahamic  faiths promote peace – in their teaching, and in the lives of their people. It tells stories of their peace-makers. It shows how each stresses hospitality and welcome for the stranger, including the stranger of other faiths. It glimpses the textual and practical search for peace in each of these “Religions of the Book”. 

The exhibition is part of a three year project by the Bradford Peace Museum,  sponsored by the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship.  The project has worked with women from across the faith communities and produced artwork that is part of the exhibition. Their art reflects many aspects, including a ‘Tree of life for the healing of the nations’, depicting  the experiences of a group of Syrian refugees.

The exhibition will be open daily during usual Cathedral hours.

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