June Prayer Points – Radio Plus

Tim Coleman gave us a lot of information about his personal spiritual journey, culminating in the setting up of Radio Plus, offering “pre-evangelism” to 16-35 year olds within a 11-12 km radius of Coventry, and a signposting service for people in need.


Prayer points:


  • For Tim and Jackie, getting married on June 10th
  • For ongoing service during the period of Tim’s 3-month sabbatical
  • For a sustainable future for the radio station
  • For Tim as he seeks God’s guidance for the future
  • For the trustees and staff during the next 3-4 months’ testing time
  • For guidance for the programme makers and presenters as they seek to find the best ways to reach their target audience
  • For the churches to catch the vision of the potential of Radio Plus
  • For the “Routes to Employment” job-readiness and media training course, specifically tailored to the needs of those currently out of work or training in the community.



Street Pastors Prayer Points

At our May prayer time we heard about the work of Coventry Street Pastors, there is much to pray for and the particular points we noted were:-

  • The Pastors in training and their forthcoming commissioning
  • The opportunities for conversation with those out and about on a Friday and Saturday night
  • The recruitment of more Prayer pastors
  • For all who work within the Night time economy and the pressures they are under
  • For the Street Pastors Committee in need of new members including someone who can act as Treasurer.
  • For Police Officers  and Ambulance crew and the care that they give.

Our thanks to Isabel and Jain for sharing with us and thanks for all the work you do,