December Prayer Points – Salvation Army

Gethin Thomas, Keith Johnson and Tony  gave us an overview of the work that the Salvation Army do for the homeless in the city.

 Prayer points:

 1)      For support workers and volunteers as they seek to meet the needs of their clients

 2)      For patience and the long haul, recognising that many clients have a troubled background

 3)      For the transforming power of Jesus to be seen in the lives of more clients.

December Prayer For Christian Service – Salvation Army

Monday December 4th, 4 – 5 pm  Chapel of Unity

How can we help a homeless person? Come and find out how the Salvation Army is providing a city-wide service for the homeless through their Lifehouse and Gateway projects, so that we can pray for this ministry

Introduced by: Major Gethin Thomas (Corps Leader)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004             

November Prayer Points – Betel UK

Timon Robins gave his testimony of how the Betel ministry had changed his life, and that of many others, through their programme of rehabilitation for drug-users.

Prayer points:

1)      Release of finance for purchase of buildings for Betel community use

2)      For vehicles for use in their business enterprises

3)      For marriage strengthening

4)      For favour with local authorities when looking to purchase buildings

5)      For churches and others to provide support networks for those launching out on their own after going through the Betel programme


November Prayer for Christian Service

Monday November 6th, 4 – 5 pm


Chapel of Unity

Coventry Cathedral


Come and hear about, and pray for, Betel UK, whose mission is to bring long-term freedom and restoration to lives broken by drug and alcohol abuse, accomplishing this by building values, skills and character through living, working and worshipping together in a caring Christian community.


Introduced by: Timon Robins


All welcome!


More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004             

October Prayer Points – Langley House Trust

A few prayer requests arising from Philip Gay’s visit to Prayer for Christian Service last Monday:
For a breakthrough with communities to break down barriers regarding integration of offenders into society
For perseverance to enable offenders to live crime-free
For churches to be encouraged to use the resources available on the Prisons Week (October 8 – 14) website  i.e.

October Prayer for Christian Service

Monday October 2nd, 4 – 5 pm
Chapel of Unity

Come and hear about, and pray for, Langley House Trust, which supports adult male and female offenders and those at risk of offending by delivering a range of specialist services – enabling them to make positive life changes and live crime-free.

Introduced by: Philip Gay

(Donor Relationship Manager)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004             

September Prayer Point – Jesus Centre

Ann Hawker and Julie engaged us in prayer for the work of the Jesus Centre.

Prayer points:

  • Mohammed, victim of a baseball attack, leaving him with epilepsy and other life-changing injuries, now missing
  • Ash, living on the streets, unresponsive in social interaction, on drugs, with mental health issues
  • ESOL work
  • Practical needs: casual clothing (80% of clients are male), sleeping bags, toiletries (especially small items), carrier bags, blankets
  • Need to reallocate job allocations for the ten staff-members (all bar one are part-time)
  • The Green Pastures housing venture
  • For a café manager



September Prayer for Christian Service

Monday September 4th, 4 – 5 pm
Chapel of Unity

Come and hear about, and pray for, the Coventry Jesus Centre, which offers friendship and help to all, regardless of their faith or lack of it. Services include support groups and skills classes as well as a small community café, and a drop-in for those in vulnerable accommodation or other particular need.
Introduced by: Ann Hawker
(Services Manager)
All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council)
02476 413004

HIROSHIMA DAY 6th August 2017

Lord Mayor of Coventry’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation


Coventry Cathedral and Chapel of Unity

Led by: John Witcombe, Dean Coventry Cathedral
Speaker: Ruth Longoni, Lord Mayor’s Peace Committee
With the Lord Mayor of Coventry and representatives from the Embassy of Japan

Sunday, 6th August 2017  6pm

Please join us for a service of reflection:
with music, religious and secular readings and silence.
We will also make Japanese Origami Paper Cranes of Peace.

Everybody is welcome.

We hope you will also join us to talk and share refreshments after the service.

For further information please contact David Fish on 07779 784 786  or

July Prayer Points – Carriers of Hope

July 2017


Sue Sampson informed us about the history and range of the Carriers of Hope charity, working with destitute asylum-seekers and refugees to provide practical necessities and friendly support.


Prayer points:


  • Praise God for all volunteers and helpers, and also for the timely gift by a businessman of a large warehouse and financial support to pay bills
  • For the wherewithal to provide school uniforms for children for the next school year
  • For the planned seaside day trip for volunteers (including former refugees now working for the charity)
  • For positive outcomes for those seeking leave to stay: Godfrey, JU, Regina. Aida, Sibo, Lilian and Laurent
  • For someone able, qualified and dynamic to take over from Sue as overall manager and for a source of permanent funding to finance this
  • For more “Donors of the Week” to boost finances
  • For fit and able-bodied volunteers to e.g. move furniture