September Prayer for Christian Service

Monday September 3rd, 4 – 5 pm

Chapel of Unity

Hope into Action Coventry provides homes for the most vulnerable in society in partnership with local churches, built on the belief that when people have a safe, secure home surrounded by loving, non-judgemental relationships they will find the strength and motivation to make positive life choices.

Introduced by: Nobby Clarke 

(Chair of Trustees)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004   [email protected]

Hope Into Action Coventry Prayer Points

  1. For homeless people nationwide: on the street, in B & B, sofa-surfing.
  2. For communication between agencies in the city.
  3. For those being supported in housing e.g. “Tick”, Ian, Adrian.
  4. For our nation and local authorities, for changes in legislation to provide more support for the vulnerable.
  5. For those entrenched in homeless, for whom other schemes have failed.
  6. For HIA to get families out of B & B.
  7. For church members to volunteer as mentors.

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