Radical Presence

We are delighted that Chapel of Unity Trustee and Rector of Berkswell Mark Bratton is going to lead a 7-week Radical Presence course created by the Charity Green Christian. 
Session 1 – 11th January – Womb
Session 2 – 18th January – Jordan
Session 3 – 1st February – Kairos
Session 4 – 8th February – Flesh
Session 5 – 12th April – Contagion
Session 6 – 19th April – Tomb
Session 7 – 26th April – Emmaus
The sessions will last from 7.30 – 9 pm.
The course was created by the Charity Green Christian as an initiative to help churches build a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world after the pandemic. The online initiative will foster ambition to tackle the crises of environmental breakdown, inequality and polarisation and help build support for a ‘just recovery. The pandemic has come at a critical time in the climate and ecological emergency, with the postponement of COP26, the United Nations climate summit which was due to take place in Glasgow this November.  But it has also provoked unprecedented readiness for change: a recent YouGov poll found only 9% want life to return to ‘normal’.  Radical Presence enables these longings to find their voice among Christians in the UK.  

Over seven sessions, Radical Presence stimulates conversations which draw on the Bible, Christian faith, experience, science, and analysis.  

Paul Bodenham, who led the development of Radical Presence, said:

“It’s becoming clear that there is no longer a ‘normal’ to go back to.  In fact, ‘normal’ was the cause of many of our problems.  People are expressing a ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness’ with an intensity I’ve never witnessed before.  With Radical Presence they will discover that they are not alone, and that together we can mobilise change.  If there is any way to honour those whose lives have been lost, it must surely be in our efforts to build a better society.  But we need to be quick – if we leave it until church doors are unlocked, we may miss our chance.”

These meetings will be run online using Zoom, so people will need devices capable of supporting it. 

Those wishing to join should contact Mark  via [email protected]