Prayer for Christian Service Monday 3rd June 4pm

Genexis is an evidence based case for a creator God over 7 topics presented by world leading speakers, asking questions about beginnings, numbers, life, DNA, ethics, consciousness and life after death.

Introduced by: Ben Jacobs

Pray for this opportunity to introduce people to the Christian faith
More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004 [email protected]

Prayer points arising:_

1) For preparation for the event in September

2) For good relationships with ecumenical partners

3) For the June 12th dinner for church leaders at the
Guildhall and the speaker Martin Bashir

4) For links with the universities and their chaplains

5) For contacts to be made with atheistic and non-faith groups

6) For wisdom in “angling” publicity to attract enquirers

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