June Prayer for Christian Service

Monday June 4th, 4 – 5 pm
Chapel of Unity 
Coventry Cathedral
Serving God – serving people in need.  Find out about and pray for the many practical ministries offered by Coventry City Mission, who have served the community through a range of projects since 1983.
Darren Burgess, Executive Director, spoke about the various ministries of Coventry City Mission.
Prayer points:
1) The challenge and opportunities arising from the construction of 71 social housing units near the CCM hub
2) Following the installation of a new boiler and alarm system, a new roof is being planned: pray that “normal service” will continue during this repair process
3) The pay-what-you-can hairdressing project about to be launched
4) For the future of CCM, awaiting the next project from God’s leading
5) For the 80-100 volunteers from many churches

May Prayer for Christian Service

Monday May 14th, 4 – 5 pm

Chapel of Unity

Coventry Cathedral

VIP Event: a time of multi-agency practical ministry to the marginalised people of our city.  Find out more, and pray for all involved in this sharing of God’s love.

Introduced by: Steve Elton

(Project Manager)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004   [email protected] 

Prayer Points

Hope Springs Church, as part of their support for the marginalised in society, are running a VIP event – essentially a special event for the homeless or socially disadvantaged – there will be a 3 course meal with entertainment and other support, hopefully a pharmacist, doctor, makeup, footcare, etc.

12noon until 3pm on 26th May at the Methodist Central Hall

Pray that

  1. people will come
  2. it will run smoothly
  3. they will meet Jesus’ love


April Prayer for Christian Service – St Francis Radford

Monday April 9th, 4 – 5 pm 

at the Chapel of Unity

Debt advice, ESOL, Work Club, volunteer placements – St Francis Church, Radford, is very active in practical Christian service. Find out more, then pray for their work.

Introduced by: Revd Liz Jackson (Vicar)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004             [email protected]

Prayer Points

1) Launch of the “Arabian Bites” café on April 28th – publicity

2) Ongoing need for volunteers and funding

3) For everyone involved in the existing projects

4) For the building of relationships e.g. by giving space for people to share their stories (refugees, marginalised people e.g. Roma)

March 2018 Prayer for Christian Service – Healing on the Streets

Monday March 5th, 4 – 5 pm

Chapel of Unity

Healing on the Streets is a simple, but beautiful, way to reach out to the lost and hurting on the streets of our city, expressing God’s love in the market place, whatever the weather. We simply invite people to sit on chairs so we can pray for them. Come to hear their testimony – then pray!


Introduced by: Rose and Ian Jenkins (Coventry HOTS team-members)


All welcome!


More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004             [email protected]

February Prayer for Christian Service – Youth Homelessness Hub

Monday February 5th, 4 – 5 pm

Chapel of Unity
Coventry Cathedral

Bardsley Youth Homelessness Hub: “we walk with young people as they journey forwards, providing the practical and emotional support they need to gain the skills and confidence to find accommodation and keep it.”
Find out more – then pray!

Introduced by: Pat Clarke (Project Manager)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004 [email protected]

The Prayer Points

Young People

Hope for the future
Secure Home


Loving community giving hope
Thanks for resources
Good decisions to help each young person
Prevention work
Right contacts


More homeless – Council running out of resources
Correct and fair decisions by Housing Team
Homelessness Reduction Bill changes
Contracts for provision choices
Housing for low income citizens


Good and fair financial decisions
Government for All
End of the austerity squeeze on the poorest
Fair rules for young people

Coventry Winter Night Shelter

Bernardo Cañas, CWNS Coordinator, told us about his experience of dealing with homeless people with a view to encouraging them to make use of the Coventry Winter Night Shelter programme.

Prayer points:

1)      For one brain-injured client, with alcohol-dependency and epilepsy, at present in hospital

2)      For those who, regretfully, have to be refused access to CWNS because of the risk they present to volunteers e.g. a history of violence

3)      For the 35 people interviewed by Bernardo who are now benefiting from CWNS, and for others to take up the remaining places

4)      For daily problems and challenges e.g. for possible issues arising from the forthcoming interregnum at St Oswald’s, Tile Hill

5)      For another venue to relieve St Columba’s, at present hosting for two nights weekly.

December Prayer Points – Salvation Army

Gethin Thomas, Keith Johnson and Tony  gave us an overview of the work that the Salvation Army do for the homeless in the city.

 Prayer points:

 1)      For support workers and volunteers as they seek to meet the needs of their clients

 2)      For patience and the long haul, recognising that many clients have a troubled background

 3)      For the transforming power of Jesus to be seen in the lives of more clients.

December Prayer For Christian Service – Salvation Army

Monday December 4th, 4 – 5 pm  Chapel of Unity

How can we help a homeless person? Come and find out how the Salvation Army is providing a city-wide service for the homeless through their Lifehouse and Gateway projects, so that we can pray for this ministry

Introduced by: Major Gethin Thomas (Corps Leader)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004                       [email protected]

November Prayer Points – Betel UK

Timon Robins gave his testimony of how the Betel ministry had changed his life, and that of many others, through their programme of rehabilitation for drug-users.

Prayer points:

1)      Release of finance for purchase of buildings for Betel community use

2)      For vehicles for use in their business enterprises

3)      For marriage strengthening

4)      For favour with local authorities when looking to purchase buildings

5)      For churches and others to provide support networks for those launching out on their own after going through the Betel programme


November Prayer for Christian Service

Monday November 6th, 4 – 5 pm


Chapel of Unity

Coventry Cathedral


Come and hear about, and pray for, Betel UK, whose mission is to bring long-term freedom and restoration to lives broken by drug and alcohol abuse, accomplishing this by building values, skills and character through living, working and worshipping together in a caring Christian community.


Introduced by: Timon Robins


All welcome!


More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council) 02476 413004                       [email protected]