September Prayer for Christian Service

Monday September 4th, 4 – 5 pm
Chapel of Unity

Come and hear about, and pray for, the Coventry Jesus Centre, which offers friendship and help to all, regardless of their faith or lack of it. Services include support groups and skills classes as well as a small community café, and a drop-in for those in vulnerable accommodation or other particular need.
Introduced by: Ann Hawker
(Services Manager)
All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council)
02476 413004 [email protected]

HIROSHIMA DAY 6th August 2017

Lord Mayor of Coventry’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation


Coventry Cathedral and Chapel of Unity

Led by: John Witcombe, Dean Coventry Cathedral
Speaker: Ruth Longoni, Lord Mayor’s Peace Committee
With the Lord Mayor of Coventry and representatives from the Embassy of Japan

Sunday, 6th August 2017  6pm

Please join us for a service of reflection:
with music, religious and secular readings and silence.
We will also make Japanese Origami Paper Cranes of Peace.

Everybody is welcome.

We hope you will also join us to talk and share refreshments after the service.

For further information please contact David Fish on 07779 784 786  or [email protected]

July Prayer Points – Carriers of Hope

July 2017


Sue Sampson informed us about the history and range of the Carriers of Hope charity, working with destitute asylum-seekers and refugees to provide practical necessities and friendly support.


Prayer points:


  • Praise God for all volunteers and helpers, and also for the timely gift by a businessman of a large warehouse and financial support to pay bills
  • For the wherewithal to provide school uniforms for children for the next school year
  • For the planned seaside day trip for volunteers (including former refugees now working for the charity)
  • For positive outcomes for those seeking leave to stay: Godfrey, JU, Regina. Aida, Sibo, Lilian and Laurent
  • For someone able, qualified and dynamic to take over from Sue as overall manager and for a source of permanent funding to finance this
  • For more “Donors of the Week” to boost finances
  • For fit and able-bodied volunteers to e.g. move furniture



July Prayer for Christian Service

Monday July 3rd, 4 – 5 pm

Chapel of Unity
Coventry Cathedral

Come and hear about, and pray for,
Carriers of Hope
– offering practical support, personal and household items,
and a friendly welcome to needy families in the Coventry area

Introduced by: Sue Sampson
(Project Manager)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council)
02476 413004 [email protected]

Summer 2017

WEDNESDAY Services in the Chapel of Unity from 8am to 8.30am

June 7th    John Radford                            Kenilworth Churches Together       Prayers
June 14th  Janet Ward                                Wednesday Group                         Prayers
June 21st  Jennie Jones                             Wednesday Group                         Prayers
June 28th  Veronica Carroll                         Wednesday Group                         Prayers
July 5th      Sister Teresa                             Presentation Sisters                       Lectio Divina
July 12th    Mary Goodwin                           Wednesday Group                         Prayers
July 19th    Ann Tuesley & Jo Shelton         Wednesday Group                          Prayers
July 26th   Charles & Chris Coleman           Wednesday Group                         Prayers
Aug 2nd    Craig Muir                                  Wednesday Group                         Prayers
Aug 9th     Janet Ward                                 Wednesday Group                         Prayers
Aug 16th   Alison Mukherjee                        Wednesday Group                         Prayers
Aug 23rd   Ruth Kidson                                Wednesday Group                         Prayers
Aug 30th   Mike & Jenny Jones                    Wednesday Group                         Prayers

ALL ARE WELCOME – A simple breakfast is served in the Lecture Hall after the service.

June Prayer Points – Radio Plus

Tim Coleman gave us a lot of information about his personal spiritual journey, culminating in the setting up of Radio Plus, offering “pre-evangelism” to 16-35 year olds within a 11-12 km radius of Coventry, and a signposting service for people in need.


Prayer points:


  • For Tim and Jackie, getting married on June 10th
  • For ongoing service during the period of Tim’s 3-month sabbatical
  • For a sustainable future for the radio station
  • For Tim as he seeks God’s guidance for the future
  • For the trustees and staff during the next 3-4 months’ testing time
  • For guidance for the programme makers and presenters as they seek to find the best ways to reach their target audience
  • For the churches to catch the vision of the potential of Radio Plus
  • For the “Routes to Employment” job-readiness and media training course, specifically tailored to the needs of those currently out of work or training in the community.



June Prayer for Christian Service

Prayer for Christian Service

Monday June 5th, 4 – 5 pm

Chapel of Unity
Coventry Cathedral

We will hear about, and pray for,
Radio Plus 101.5FM,
a community radio station serving Coventry,
a voice for the city churches,
provider of media training for unemployed young people.

Introduced by: Tim Coleman
(Radio Plus Station Manager)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council)
02476 413004 [email protected]

May Prayer for Christian Service

Monday May 8th, 4 – 5 pm

Chapel of Unity
Coventry Cathedral

We will hear about, and pray for, the Street Pastors, who patrol the city centre every Friday and Saturday night between 10.00pm and 3.00am. “We are there to care for, listen to and help people who are out and about. Our aim is to ensure their safety.”

Introduced by: Isabel McIntyre
(Coordinator, Coventry Street Pastors)

All welcome!

More information: John Lloyd (Co-Chair, Chapel of Unity Joint Council)
02476 413004 [email protected]

April Prayer Points

April 2017


Jean Perry (Outreach and Development Worker) told us about the various support services and opportunities offered by Warwick Road URC.  She identified these items for prayer:


  • For volunteers to come forward from the church’s links with Life Path
  • For a set-up suitable for life-skills training to benefit the volunteers
  • For the “Friends at Warwick Road” leaflets to encourage people to take the first steps towards faith, using the principle of “belonging before believing”
  • For those who come to “Soul Space”: a support group for people suffering from stress or anxiety, and for the rebuilding of links with Coventry and Warwickshire Mind
  • For plans for the Quiet Day in June
  • For distressed people who come into the café, some with multiple needs e.g. “the homeless lady”.